Your Investment Guide to Thailand is available in e-book format

Your Investment Guide to Thailand is available as an e-book formatted for use with a Kindle device (ISBN 978-616-9071-86-0).

The e-book version differs from the second (and most-recent) hard-copy version of the Guide (May 2011), in that it features substantial updating and revision. Another benefit offered by the e-book version is that it features dozens of clickable hyperlinks throughout the manuscript. This means that readers (with Internet connectivity) can quickly and easily drill down into the information related to issues of particular interest.

Please click here to view the Guide's Table of Contents or, better still, visit the Amazon page to see both the Table of Contents and first two chapters (click on the image of the book cover).

Version 1.11 of the e-book was released in May 2012, and is only available via It has Digital Rights Management (DRM) in place to discourage pirating, but does allow lending by purchasers.

To buy your copy of the e-book edition of 'Your Investment Guide to Thailand' visit using this clickable link.

If you don't have an e-reader, and don't wish to purchase one just at the moment, then a great alternative is simply to download 'Kindle for PC' here (it's free).

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